Central Fire Station


Central Fire Station
Central 601 East Third St. Central Fire Station was constructed in 1950, for the then all Volunteer Fire Department. Over the years from 1950 to 2004 the department transitioned from volunteer, to combination, to a full time career department. Currently there are 35 authorized positions within the Alice Fire Department; Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, 3 Fire Captains, 6 Fire Lieutenants, 9 Apparatus Drivers and 15 Firefighters. Central Fire Station houses the Fire Chief’s office and is staffed daily with one Fire Captain, one Lieutenant, two Apparatus Drivers and two Firefighters.
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Central Fire Station consists of five apparatus bays and living quarters for on duty personnel. Engine 1, Squad 1 which are staffed daily. Engine 3 (Reserved Engine), Brush 1 is cross staffed by Squad personnel. Brush 2, Tanker 1, and Brush 4 (Reserved Brush Unit) depending on resources needed, Engine 1 staff may cross-staff to the needed apparatus.

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The plaque mounted on the outside of Central Fire Station, officially dedicating the facility as a Fire Station.
Erected 1950
Dedicated to the Volunteer Firemen
City of Alice
B.O. Goldthorn-Mayor
B.S. Ainsworth-Comm.
J.S. Duckett-City Manager
Ismael Herrera-Comm.
Mrs. Lucille Hobbs-City Sec.
E.G. Lloyd Jr.-Comm.
Francisco Barrera-Comm.
Page Southerland and Page - Architects
Austin, TEXAS
J.B. Martin - General Contractor
San Antonio, TEXAS

Engine 3, Squad 1 and Engine 1 ready for action.
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