Fire Prevention


Division History

The Fire Prevention Division is a division of the Alice Fire Department, which was for many years not active due to the inability to fill the Fire Marshal position. The last time the Fire Prevention Division played an active role in the fire department was prior to the mid 1980s when Bill Green was the Fire Marshal. After he left, the position was left vacant and most of the fire prevention activities faded away. Activities such as yearly fire inspections, Arson investigations, inspections of fire alarms and sprinklers, and fire code enforcement no longer existed. Since then many have tried to compensate for the lack of such a division. Some positions in the fire department were tasked with extra duties such as fire inspections done by the Fire Chief.

21 years later the City of Alice was finally able to fill the much needed Fire Marshal position. Patrick J. Thomas was hired and tasked with the responsibility of reorganizing the Fire Prevention Division.

Engineer, Educate, Enforce

Today, this division operates out of the Alice City Hall and coordinates all its efforts with other key departments in and out of the city to accomplish its goals. The mission of this division is to assist in the preservation of life and property through proper engineering, education, and enforcement. We also strive to provide leadership in prevention, mitigation of fire, explosion, and other related hazardous conditions.


Many programs have been implemented by Fire Marshal Thomas and more are still to come. Please visit the other sections to learn more about the programs and services this division provides.