Acceptable Materials

The City of Alice currently operates the Coyote Recyclery, a multi-material drop-off facility. The City's goal is to divert as much recyclables from our Subtitle D landfill as possible and to conserve natural resources, save energy, reduce litter, and create jobs. Please don't litter. Bring your recycling items to the City of Alice Coyote Recyclery to be reduced and reused. An average of 28 tons per month is recycled.
recycle center 011.jpg
The following items are accepted:
  • Clean paper
  • Magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Tin / aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles #1 and #2
Recycling in the Community
To get the recycling message to everyone we use local radio, newspaper, billboards, magnets, newsletters, brochures, time and temperature telephone line, community bulletin boards and utility bill messages t-shirts, pencils and community events such as our annual Jim Wells County Fair and Christmas Parade. Our elementary schools bring their classes for tours of the Recyclery to see first hand how recycling is accomplished in Alice.