Backflow Prevention Program


Federal and State regulations require public potable water supplies to adopt rules to prevent contamination in their water systems. To comply with these mandates, the City Council of the City of Alice, Texas has adopted an ordinance, the Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program, to protect the City's potable water supply from contaminants back-flowing from a customer's water system. This became effective June 12, 2018. This page serves as a reference to this program and its ordinance.

Common Backflow Preventers

common backflow preventers


  • What is the City's responsibility? The City is responsible for enforcing the Backflow Prevention Program requirements and ensuring that all customers of the City water system comply with the City ordinance, the State’s 290 Rule and federal mandates.
  • WHAT IS THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY? You are responsible for protecting the water on your property. This responsibility starts at the water meter and includes your entire property’s water system. All costs associated with installation, operation, testing and maintenance of backflow prevention devices are the responsibility of the customer. Any re-piping or relocation of water lines requires re-testing. Accurate records must be maintained. all records of the installation, tests, and any repairs must be forwarded to the Community Development Department at 500 East. Main St., Alice, Texas.
  • How Can I prevent backflow? Avoid practices in which backflow may occur. *Don’t use a garden hose to open a plugged drain or toilet.  *Don’t use a garden hose to spray fertilizer unless it is properly protected. *Don’t submerge hoses in buckets, pools, spas, tubs or sinks. They may contain harmful cleansers or dangerous bacteria.

Who Should I contact to learn more?

If you are unsure you need a backflow prevention device, or have general questions on our program, please contact Community Development Department at (361)668-7250 8am-5pm M-F. 

Public Works Utilities can also be contacted at (361)664-9082 for assistance. 

What is backflow?

Backflow is when water flows backward into the distribution system. This is usually caused when pressure in a plumbing system is higher than the pressure in the distribution system.

The difference in pressure could be due to a pressure drop in the distribution system. For example, if there is a main break in your area or if water is drawn from a hydrant near your home, the pressure in the distribution system will be less than that in your plumbing system.

Customer side well pumps may also cause the plumbing system to be at a higher pressure than the distribution system.

Backflow preventers keep pollutants and contaminants from flowing into the public water system.