Your Day In Court

Court Information and Responsibilities

Contact the court within 10 days of receiving your citation for your court date. The court will not mail out a reminder to appear in court. When you appear in court you must be punctual, no gum chewing, no cell phones or pagers and no halter tops, short shorts, or caps.

If you are pleading not guilty you will discuss your case with the City Attorney, who is the person who determines if your case will be prosecuted. It is in your best interest to bring in pictures or anything that will help you present your case to him. If he concludes that he will prosecute your case you still have the option to take your case to court before the Judge; the clerks will provide you with a future court date.

It is your responsibility to provide the court with names and addresses of any one that you would like to be subpoenaed to court as your witness.