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Fire Prevention Permits

The Fire Prevention Division, under the direction of the Fire Marshal, is responsible for processing and regulating all Fire Prevention Permits required through the 2003 International Fire Code. The City of Alice has adopted this code and it has been the code for this city since May 24, 2004. Any structure built after this date is required to meet and maintain this standard. Other cases in which this code would apply include but are not limited to alterations to fifty percent or more to an existing building, or a change in use of an existing building.

There are currently no fees associated with obtaining any Fire Prevention Permits; however, they are still required by the fire code. There are two types of Fire Prevention Permits that are required in Alice.

Type of Permits

Opening New Businesses

If you are opening a new business in Alice chances are you will be required to obtain at least one type of Fire Prevention permit. Please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Marshal’s Office. We are here to help you provide a safe place of business for all residents and visitors.
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